Aver Information Introduces EP65 Flat Interactive Panel

Aver Information Introduces EP65 Flat Interactive Panel

The EP65 is an all-in-one interactive display flat panel for businesses designed to make collaboration more efficient and effective. The display panel is integrated with Zoom software and allows for out-of-the-box annotations with 20 points of touch and multiple users – with nothing additional to install.

You can enjoy cloud-based video conferencing with one-touch cloud recording, whiteboard sharing and digital signage. Everything can be synchronised across multiple tablets, laptops and the web to make collaboration a breeze.

The EP65 allows you to easily connect to live video with one touch and share ideas face to face across multiple devices. It’s just like mounting a flat panel television to a cart or on a wall with a single power cable.

It comes with sharp video and crisp audio where people can share ideas face to face using live video with the embedded 4K conference camera featuring a built-in far-field mic. The EP65 interactive flat panel comprises of an intuitive whiteboard software and incredibly responsive touch screen, allowing users to brainstorm, interact, take notes, annotate on a shared screen or use split-screen multitasking to keep everyone on the same page.

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