Altron And Joe Public Highlight Relationship Between Humans And Technology With New Campaign

Altron And Joe Public Highlight The Relationship Between Humans And Technology With New Ad

Altron’s new advert by Joe Public breaks away from the traditional form of creative visual interactions with consumers in that it is not about product offerings or Altron’s services. Instead, it is an emotive storytelling concept that delicately portrays a relatable home environment and shows how family life and technology are intertwined.

The ad takes the viewer through the life stages of a young girl called Lerato, exhibiting how technology is so intertwined with our everyday lives that it is largely invisible, working in the background. We follow Lerato from birth, doing homework on a computer, learning to drive, to a career in photography, getting married and starting her own family. This shows the viewer that we cannot live without technology.

Using the magical technique of misdirection, the viewer is lulled into believing that Lerato’s life journey is narrated by her father but later discovers that the storyteller is actually the technology which has always been behind Lerato’s life.

Zipporah Maubane, Altron Group Executive: Marketing explained that, by personifying and humanising technology, the film sparks a conversation on the sometimes invisible nature but important role of technology in life.

‘By breaking with tradition and marrying a human story with technology, we are showing how as a technology company we facilitate societal change. This is a creative expression of our commitment to our customers and our aspiration of enabling progress in society and business through technology,’ said Maubane.

Xolisa Dyeshana, Chief Creative Officer at Joe Public said, ‘The objective of the film is about Altron being the driver of the sentiment that technology is a facilitator of intimacy and change. Technology has grown with us, changed with us and will continue to be forever entwined with the lives we live. There is no one better to do this with than with Altron by your side.’