Ads24 Runs Activation To Introduce Six Brand Tribes


On 30 October 2019, Ads24 ran a door-to-door activation campaign where it delivered a magnet-locked box. When recipients unlocked the box, six doughnuts were revealed that represent the six Ads24 tribes.

These tribes are a new way to appeal to readers. According to Ads24, by identifying its key target markets, a brand can tailor product, language, message, and context to appeal specifically to those segments and focus its advertising budget on people who will most likely become customers.

In a time when consumers are spoilt for choice, brands have realised that for their message to be heard above the chaos of a cluttered advertising environment they need to zone into those consumers who want to listen. Where brands might have achieved success through a ‘spray and pray’ approach in the past, there’s been a significant shift in marketing and consumers now expect personalised interactions and connections.

While none of this is news to advertisers, creating campaigns across channels and niche markets is tricky. Advertisers and marketers need to ask the right questions to enable them to understand the triggers and behaviours of potential customers, which platforms they prefer to engage with, which solutions they are looking for and which research and actions they take before making a purchase. In addition, it’s necessary to consider who they are influenced by. Is it a sporting celebrity, a fashion diva or friends and family?

Fortunately, when it comes to Ads24’s broad community of popular titles, they’ve already done the research, so brands can save on cost and time-consuming research and use their budgets to create effective and inspiring campaigns.

By breaking its readership into tribes, which interconnect and exist across a number of titles and platforms, Ads24 has made it easy for advertisers to customise 360-degree campaigns that appeal directly to specific consumers across print, digital, podcasts, video and social media.

The six tribes of Ads24

These tribes, which are further broken down into niche segments, comprise:

1. Sports and status

  • Sports readers are major sports fans who like to watch sports at live events or on TV. They also participate competitively or socially. 
  • Status readers, meanwhile, are brand-crazy, early adopters who will pay premium prices for a product if they think it will improve their social standing.

2. Future focused

  • Finance-savvy readers are money smart. They plan for their financial future by spending money carefully and are always looking for opportunities to grow their money.
  • Education readers believe that education is key to their success and actively seek out new ways to improve and upskill themselves.
  • The Eco-sustainability segment is environmentally conscious. They believe their actions can make a huge difference and that a little goes a long way.

3. Fashion and home

  • Home and décor. These readers take pride in their home. Whether it be to show off their unique style or to make their homes as comfortable as possible. More than half are married or in a relationship and they are keen consumers of information on gardening and DIY sections of publications.
  • The fashion sub-tribe is a trend-savvy group who like to look and feel good and will always opt for quality.

4. Tech and telecoms

  • It should come as no surprise that these tech-savvy readers are early adopters of technology. They believe that technology enhances their lifestyle.

5. Parenting

  • This tribe is all about the kids, particularly those children who are younger than 18.

6. Lifestyle

  • Foodies. Food is about more than fuel to these readers. They love interesting, exotic food types and enjoy experimenting with their food, both inside and outside of their own kitchens.
  • Travel and tourism readers travel locally and abroad, for business and pleasure.
  • Health and wellness are the health nuts of the world, they eat healthily and exercise and prioritise their physical well-being.
  • Entertainment. This segment is easily bored, and they are always looking for ways to entertain themselves. They are sociable and curious.

Marise van der Lith, Brand Manager for Ads24 said, ’In line with the latest in marketing trends, we’ve done the research and crunched the data in order to understand how our readers fall into these different tribes. We believe this offers a more in-depth understanding than simple demographics and will help brands to more accurately plan for when, where and how to target these tribes.’