Acquia And Elastic Path Offer Content Experience Touchpoints

Acquia And Elastic Path Offer Content Experience Touchpoints

Acquia has partnered with Elastic Path to offer ‘content-rich experiences across touchpoints’ for brands and merchants. Acquia will offer customers its content management system Drupal alongside Elastic Path’s commerce platform.

Michael Sullivan, Acquia CEO said, ‘Together with Elastic Path, we’re creating the potential for disruptive brands to redefine the customer experience and bring true elegance to content and commerce. Our combined approach provides the ultimate flexibility that enables rapid innovation along with the security and scalability that global brands require and that our customers are demanding.’

With the systems, retailers can deliver personalised content to various customer touchpoints such as digital signage, mobile phones and more. The solutions are also scalable.

Key capabilities of a combined Elastic Path-Acquia solution include:
• Flexibility: best of breed and built to fit a brand’s unique business model.
• Personalised: create content-rich, personalised content experiences for all customer touchpoints.
• Unified experiences: present a unified experience of content and commerce for buyers.
• Future proof: headless CMS and commerce architecture enables rapid innovation.
• Enterprise scale: compliance, security, scalability, and governance for enterprise demands.

Rajiv Rohmetra, CEO and co-founder, TA Digital said, ‘Monolithic systems stifle business agility. Single-stack turnkey solutions are purposely built for a web-commerce only paradigm and undermine innovation because of their poor extensibility. With Acquia and Elastic Path, our customers get the best of both worlds, an API-first solution for multichannel digital experience and commerce.’