2AM Agency Devises Fresh Format For Old Mutual Alternative Investments’ Sustainability Report

2AM Agency Devises Fresh Format For Old Mutual Alternative Investments' Sustainability Report

2AM Agency was tasked with devising a more effective format for Old Mutual Alternative Investments (OMAI)’s Sustainability Report. 2AM’s solution came in the form of a creative concept that speaks to the core values of OMAI, while simultaneously highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability, as well as the unique way in which they draw on both data and cultural insight to ensure they invest with significance.

ESG – short for Environmental, Social and Governance – refers to a set of standards that measure a company’s operations to ensure they are acting as responsible corporate citizens. As such, illustrating OMAI’s dual approach to ESG had to be at the core of the creative concept.

Rather than another sleek book, 2AM opted to instead create a real-time online portal where new and existing customers can access information about the company’s investment performance in this area.

Recognising that Old Mutual has offices across the African continent, 2AM knew they had to marry the cultural insights garnered from the men and women on the ground with the analytics and data analysis capabilities, as well as the company’s heritage.

‘We were never just going to design a book. Innovation, sustainability and a future-forward approach is the backbone of Old Mutual Alternative Investment, so it was important for us to rise to the challenge and deliver something that effectively reflects that spirit,’ said Marco Russolillo, Executive Creative Director at 2AM.

The concept required 2AM to overlay the data with relevant cultural insights and bold visuals that speak to the company’s ESG values. OMAI were delighted with the result, prompting Dean Alborough, head of ESG at Old Mutual Alternative Investments, to say this of the final concept, ‘This was the first creative team that actually deeply understood the conceptual underpinning and vision of our positioning. Apart from being able to execute and deliver on the brief extraordinarily well, when you work with a team that just ‘gets it’, and then brings incredible creative talent to bear on your vision, the outcome is seriously impressive.’

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