22Miles Releases Carry2Mobile Digital Signage Content Transfer Solution

22Miles Releases Carry2Mobile A Digital Signage Content Transfer Solution

The new Carry2Mobile by digital signage software company 22Miles allows companies to transfer digital signage content to a mobile device’s web browser. The solution uses HTML5 technology to create a more seamless user experience.

The 22Miles solution integrates with any media player and users can access the messages using QR codes, custom text and read-to-write technologies on the display. Carry2Mobile can also handle advanced analytics and customisable content based on the user.

Tomer Mann, SVP of Global Sales said, ’The potential to further drive digital engagement for consumers across smart retail, hospitality, and education while allowing all digital signage content be taken on the go in a simple interface link, will enhance the entire user experience. Furthermore, brands can use local and branded content to make each experience more personal to the location, which will drive higher ROI.’

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